Empowering Educators!

Fireant Team has expertise and experience in testing of complex learning, content management systems & online class software

eLearning testing services covers

  • Institution management application testing
  • Learning management system testing
  • Lead management system testing
  • Admission management system testing
  • Accounting & HR management system testing
  • Communication management system testing
  • eCommerce features testing
  • K-12 education testing and quality assurance
  • Mobile app testing

CMS testing services covers

  • Enterprise CMS
  • Web CMS
  • Mobile CMS
  • Component CMS

Online class & course services covers

  • Online class software testing
  • Online courses and product demos
  • Interactive and engaging modules
  • Applications for web-based training
  • Instructor training software
  • Quiz and Worksheet builder testing
  • Self-learning applications and tutorials
  • Simulations and product tutorials