Database Testing Services

The importance of database testing has gone up manifold in the organizations. A robust database thoroughly tested against all considerations is a must and modern organization can barely afford to ignore this. Fireant testing company has carved out a niche in platform testing, DB testing and QA services that promise unswerving performance and precision of database applications. Our years of experience and across-the-platform expertise in database testing offer cost-effective support for complete debugging of store procedure and event-driven screening and validation of state and output aimed at effective maintenance and error-free performance of applications developed for data generation and integration.

Database Testing Service Scope

Fireant DB testing and QA services offer a reliable and complete quality check of customers’ database loaded with important stored procedures, crucial functions, and critical triggers. Our technical expertise and sound testing procedures make sure clients get the most effective outcome at a small investment and validate accuracy and consistent performance of their database applications across all platforms.

We have established our credentials as the foremost software testing company offering end-to-end offshore DB testing and QA service solutions with strong assurance on database validity and integrity. Our technically superior database testing strategy includes the satisfactory realization of the following tasks.

  • Database Schema review
  • SQL query testing
  • Query optimization
  • Slow log queries
  • Generation of test database and cases.
  • Validation of state and output of test cases.
  • Data Integrity test and tracking.
  • Debugging of store procedure.
  • Event-Driven Item test.
  • Defect analysis and risk evaluation.
  • Documentation and reporting.

We worked on most of SQL, NoSQL and Big Data like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, and many more

  • Database Structural Testing
  • Database Functional Testing
  • Database Non-structural Testing
  • Tools: Database Benchmar, Database Rider, DbUnit, HammerDB

Databases are central to the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure, and your business operations. Our database testing experts will extensively test your database at all possible levels using the best testing protocols in the industry. The result – you’ll be ensured that your database is secure, scalable and optimal.

These guys are really well-versed with all aspects of product management, and awesome when it comes to QA and testing! Helped me launch my app real quick! Thumbs up!
Chang Wanamo

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